Why Does One Of Your Teeth Look Shorter Than The Rest?

12 June 2019
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Having a nice looking smile isn't all about having straight teeth and no stains. It can be surprising and upsetting to notice that one of your teeth is distinctly shorter than the others. Unfortunately, this is a problem that many people experience through lives, but also one that can develop for different reasons. Read this simple guide to find out if you're doing one of the things that could potentially shorten one or more of your teeth. Read More 

3 Steps Of Action To Take If You Find Out You Have Gingivitis

15 May 2019
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When you visit a dental clinic for a regular checkup, there are multiple steps that will take place during this exam, and one of them may be to measure the pockets by your gum lines. This is a standard step many dentists complete during exams, and it is one of the top ways dentist diagnose gingivitis with a person's mouth. Finding out that you have gingivitis can be scary, but the good news is that you can stop it from getting worse. Read More 

Keep Your Teeth Healthy In Between Cleanings

16 April 2019
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When it comes to good oral health, it starts with getting regular dental exams at least twice a year. Your dentist will take a careful look at your teeth and fix any problems that are starting. When you catch small cavities early on, it is easier to treat your teeth. To help keep your teeth and gums clean in between appointments, you will benefit from some good oral health practices. While you may know that sugary foods and drinks are bad for your teeth, there are a number of things that are good for your oral health. Read More 

Top Reasons To Visit A Dentist In Springfield IL

17 March 2019
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If you want to have good dental health, you'll want to see your dentist routinely. This is the professional can complete a thorough examination of your teeth and gums and offer any advice. However, there are specific reasons that may encourage you to see his professional. It's always a great idea to know why most people to schedule an appointment over time. 1.    Get a cleaning There's little doubt that much can improve your dental health, such as getting your teeth cleaned. Read More 

5 Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Dry Socket After A Tooth Extraction

14 February 2019
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When you have a tooth extracted, a blood clot normally forms in the empty socket in order to protect it from bacteria and food particles. If this blood clot doesn't develop properly or becomes dislodged, it causes a condition called dry socket. Since the nerves in your gums are exposed, dry socket often causes a severe throbbing pain that becomes much worse when you drink cold liquids. In addition, food particles can enter the open socket, greatly increasing your likelihood of developing an infection. Read More