Two Home Remedies To Try The Next Time You Have A Toothache

6 May 2018
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Getting a toothache is one of those things that can put a swift halt to any plans you may have had for the day. The pain might be radiating throughout your mouth to such an extent that you find it hard to get the motivation to go to work. You need to have some weapons in your arsenal that you can fall back on when you need relief from a toothache. When you get a toothache use the following home remedies to treat it.

Ginger Root Can Relieve The Pain

It's amazing how simple products that you already have in your home have the power to act as healing agents. That ginger root that you keep in the back of your refrigerator can be a godsend when your mouth is pounding with pain because you have a toothache. There are antibacterial properties in ginger root which can work wonders when you need relief from the discomfort associated with a bad toothache. Here's how you can use ginger root to ease the pain:

  • Cut about a half an inch piece off of a freshly scrubbed ginger root 
  • Use a knife to peel the skin away from the piece you plan to use
  • Place the ginger root in your mouth and bite down on it with the tooth that is compromised
  • Using your tongue, swirl the juice that comes out of the ginger root around the tooth that hurts
  • After the ginger root has softened up chew it and either swallow the pulp or throw it away
  • Repeat this procedure several times a day

Clove Oil Offers Temporary Relief

You can also use clove oil to alleviate some of the pain that occurs when you have a toothache. There are properties in the substance which will numb the affected area when you apply the oil to it. All you'll really need to do is place a dab of the oil on a cotton ball and hold it against the part of your mouth that hurts for a few minutes. After a bit of time has elapsed your mouth should be numb. Be careful not to go overboard with the clove oil because it does have a very strong taste and smell that some people may find disagreeable.

If your toothache persists you should get over to a dentist like Scott W. Murphy, D.M.D., P.A. They can find out what is going on and execute a plan of treatment.