Do You Need A Tooth Extraction? 4 Instances When One Will Be Necessary

15 December 2021
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Getting your tooth pulled is a harrowing experience, and many people do their best to avoid it. However, sometimes leaving a problematic tooth in your mouth leads to discomfort and other serious health complications. For example, some conditions leave you with no option but to get a dentist to remove the tooth. Here are four instances when you will benefit significantly from a tooth extraction.

When You Have Impaction of the Wisdom Teeth

Impaction happens when you have a tooth growing diagonally and squeezing another. The impacted one causes you massive discomfort because it leaves your mouth vulnerable to infection, redness, swelling, and tenderness to the gums. You might also experience pain around the jaw and have challenges when speaking or eating. Naturally, it is the last molars that suffer from impaction. The third set of molars might not have enough room on the gum to grow correctly. Instead, they change course and grow against the neighboring teeth, and this leads to dental health complications. Unfortunately, there is no practical dental remedy for impaction, and the best solution is extraction.

A Rotting Tooth

Tooth decay is another common cause of tooth extraction. Decay is a long process that takes several months or years of poor dental hygiene. If you are not keen on brushing and flossing, your teeth will regularly have a coat of plaque, which turns into tartar. The enamel becomes brittle, and your tooth will get a cavity, or the gum will develop swelling, inflammation, and pain. If the infection has already affected the gum, it is best to extract it. You can replace it with a dental bridge and avoid bigger health complications.

Trauma to the Face

Facial trauma is another common cause of decay. Trauma can result from a car accident, a fall, or other injuries that involve getting hit in the face. Many people ignore a tooth that has been affected by trauma, which sometimes leads to severe infections and pain. You should have the tooth extracted if procedures like the root canal cannot rectify the damage.

Teeth Congestion 

Impaction also makes your mouth appear overcrowded. With time, your beautiful and aligned teeth start looking crooked, hurting your self-esteem. The dentist might advise getting the teeth removed to bring your smile back into alignment.

These are situations that lead to extractions. You should consult with a dentist and weigh all other options before settling on tooth extraction.