How Getting Dental Implants Can Improve Your Daily Living Activities

29 December 2014
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If you've been facing the unsightly loss of a tooth or if you have chipped or cracked teeth, it can be a devastating experience. Getting your teeth fixed and restored may seem impossible but it isn't. There are several cosmetic dentistry options for replacing teeth that are cracked or missing. One way is to get a dental implant. Here are a few ways that dental implants not only restore your smile but can improve some of the things you do on a daily basis.


One of the biggest obstacles to having a missing or broken tooth is being able to chew your food properly. A broken tooth can leave behind a jagged edge that can cut your tongue and be very painful when you bite down. If your tooth is abscessed, it means an infection has set in. This can be painful and make it very hard to put pressure on one side of your mouth. Having a periodontist or oral surgeon examine your mouth and teeth to determine if dental implants are an option is the first step. Your tooth or root may need to be removed first. If an infection is present, it must be treated before getting a replacement tooth. In the end, a dental implant will restore your ability to chew your food and reduce the risk of choking.

Structural Appearance

When teeth are missing it's more than just an unsightly gap, it can affect the appearance and overall structure of your entire jawline. Dental implants are permanent new teeth that replace those that have been lost or damaged. Implants offer a strong and permanent root foundation for new teeth that are custom made to match the tooth or teeth you have lost. After x-rays and a mold have been taken of your mouth or jaw, the implants are carefully formed and created. Once implanted, the shape of your jaw will be restored.

Daily Oral Health

It can be hard to clean teeth that are loose, cracked or have been partially left behind. It can be painful, especially if you have a cavity or the root is openly exposed. With dental implants, your tooth is replaced with a brand new one. Cavities are eliminated as well as the root to the natural tooth. This makes brushing and flossing easier and keeps your breath smelling fresher.

Better Speech

Missing teeth can really affect the way you talk and the way you sound. Cracked and painful teeth can make it hard for your tongue to move correctly to help you pronounce words correctly. Missing teeth can also make it impossible for your tongue to place itself correctly to form some sounds. Dental implants will restore your speech and help make it easier to communicate on a daily basis.

Your oral health plays an important role in your everyday life, not just for cosmetic purposes but in daily engaging activities as well. Dental implants help ease the burden of tooth loss and can restore a productive lifestyle. Contact a professional like Dale D. Lentz DDS for more information about this procedure.