What Happens When Your Dentures Don't Fit Properly

28 January 2015
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When you first get dentures for your missing teeth, you may think you no longer need to visit your dentist and you will now be set with your false teeth. Unfortunately, this is not the case and this misconception can cause you discomfort. You still need to keep seeing your dentist so they can look at the health of your mouth, and be sure your dentures still fit properly. You may need to occasionally have your dentures adjusted for a good fit.

Why do dentures stop fitting properly?

You most likely got dentures shortly after your teeth starting falling out, or after having them removed. Over time, the gum ridges can start shrinking from not having permanent teeth implanted in them. This may cause the original dentures you were fitted with to no longer fit properly. They may start feeling loose or pop out more often when you are eating or talking. They may also no longer line up right because your jawbone can also shrink due to not having teeth.

What is the problem with ill-fitting dentures?

The main problem with dentures that don't fit properly is that they are loose and often fall out. You may find that you are constantly trying to adjust them, or that you have lost a lot of your self-confidence. Another problem is that without dentures that fit properly against and over your gums, your jawbone can shrink even more. A small amount of shrinking is normal without teeth, but without dentures that fit well, it can occur even more so and you will actually see it in your facial profile.

What if the dentures don't fit?

If you have dentures that no longer fit how they used to, fall out easily, or feel loose, visit your dentist right away. They will take a look at the dentures and see how they fit in your mouth. They may need to be adjusted, which can be done by getting new impressions done of your gums so they can have dentures that fit better. In some cases, they only need to be relined, which doesn't take as much time. In other cases, a new set of dentures might be needed.

When you get a new set of dentures, remember to take good care of them. Clean them every day with a soft-bristled toothbrush, and don't forget to brush your gums and tongue daily. See your dentist regularly so they can check out your mouth and see how the dentures are fitting. For more information, contact a clinic like Silverado Family Dental.