3 Cosmetic Dental Technology Advancements You Can Take Advantage Of

21 May 2015
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Are you interested in using modern technology to improve the quality of your smile? Then it's a good idea to learn more about the type of technologies that are being used in the current cosmetic dental industry. By doing so you can choose one that is applicable to you with regards to improving the quality of your smile. With that thought in mind, here are top cosmetic dental technology advancements you can take advantage of:

Laser Based Cosmetic Dentistry

The point of laser dentistry is to offer a solution that is less invasive and painful. Lasers in cosmetic dentistry are used to remove cold sores and gummy smile changes. It's also used to aid the regeneration process of damaged nerves.

However, the biggest advantage that laser treatment provides is teeth whitening. They can aid the process of removing the stains from your teeth using peroxide based gels. The laser activates the gel, which helps remove the bond between the stain and the teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Computer Aided Designs

A computer aided design allows you to see what your smile will look like once the cosmetic dental work is completed. This is advantageous, because if you can see that the result will be great, then you will feel far more at ease making the investment into the cosmetic dental treatments.

For example, CAD programs allow a cosmetic dentist to determine the exact dimensions of a replacement tooth that is a perfect match for your tooth line. Then, the CAD program can be connected to a 3D printer, which is capable of creating the replacement tooth. 

Cosmetic dentists are currently using CAD programs to provide treatment for crowns, porcelain veneers and dental bridges.

Cosmetic Dentistry Under Sedation

It is becoming increasingly popular to have cosmetic dental treatments performed while sedated. This is advantageous for the patient because there will be no sensation of pain. Furthermore, the procedure will have the illusion of being very short, regardless if it takes a couple of hours to complete.

Also the cosmetic dentist might provide better results with sedation dentistry. That's because they will be able to operate without getting interrupted by the patient. Even if the patient is very cooperative there is an involuntary gag reflex that can cause disruption.

Current advances in sedation dentistry are focused on providing the right dose for the patient. Therefore, the minimum amount required can be prescribed, which is beneficial to reduce the recovery period after the procedure.