When Your Roller Derby Career Is A Pain In The Mouth: How To Fix Your Broken Teeth

8 June 2016
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Participating in roller derby is no walk in the park. Many people fail to realize just how hard the hits are as you are pushing and fighting along the track all while wearing roller skates. If you have been involved in roller derby and received an elbow to the mouth or have taken a hard fall and injured your mouth, you may wonder if there is anything that you can do to fix the resulting broken or damaged teeth that you have gotten as a result. Get to know some of the options that cosmetic dentistry can offer you to fix your injured or damaged teeth and protect your smile and teeth going forward.

Dental Crowns For Partially Broken Teeth

If your roller derby injuries resulted in a portion of your tooth being broken or badly chipped, then you may want to cover up the damage to that tooth with what is known as a dental crown. A dental crown, also known as a dental cap is a prosthetic for your teeth that fits over the structure of your existing tooth.

A dental crown is a custom-made piece that adheres to your visible tooth using a dental bonding glue or medical cement. It covers the entire surface of your visible tooth. The most durable options for dental crowns are made of stainless steel and metal. However, if you want your teeth to look like they did before your roller derby injury, you may want a dental crown that is made of resin or porcelain as they can be made to look just like your real teeth.

Dental Implants For Missing Teeth

If your teeth are so damaged after your roller derby-related accident that you are missing teeth (or what is left of your tooth needs to be removed), then you may need a dental implant to get your smile back to what it was before your injury. Dental implants are full prosthetics that create structural stability as well as improve the aesthetics of your smile.

A dental implant starts with a small metal screw-like device that is inserted underneath the line of your gums. This piece mimics the structure of the root of your tooth and helps to prevent deterioration of your gums and facial bones (to which your teeth are attached). Another metal piece called an abutment protrudes just beyond the gum line.

The actual tooth replacement is a full dental crown that is attached to that metal abutment. This is a permanent solution to tooth loss. However, the dental crown could get damaged when you are playing in a roller derby bout. As such, you may want to wait to try getting dental implants until you are done with your roller derby career.

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can fix your broken or damaged teeth from a roller derby injury, you can be sure that you schedule your appointment with a cosmetic dentist as soon as you are ready to restore your smile.

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