How Can I Afford Dental Bills If I Need A Lot Of Work Done?

2 August 2016
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Even if you have dental insurance, you might be looking at some hefty fees if you need a lot of work done. Many insurance plans will only cover up to a certain amount per year, an amount that can vanish quickly. If you can't afford the rest, that's OK; you still have options, most of which will not interfere with your insurance plan. The only downside is that you may not be able to consult your favorite dentist for every procedure.

Dental Schools and Dental Clinics

Dental clinics offer services at low costs, sometimes on a sliding scale depending on income. They can lack the personal feel of your own dentist, but the lower cost can make a clinic a better option than your normal dentist for simpler procedures like teeth cleaning and fillings. Your insurance likely won't cover clinic work, but the price is often so much lower than it's worth the cost anyway.

Dental schools provide similar services, also at reduced costs. Some of the work is done by dental students, but they already have years of education and are under constant supervision, so there's no danger. Look in your area for either a clinic or school and ask when services are available, when they are available, and what their cost structure is like.

Dental Discount Plans

Some dentists in your area may accept dental discount plans, which means that you pay less for procedures, but they are also paid less. Dentists can take advantage of these plans to get more business, so look for dentists in your area who accept these plans to see if it's worth looking into. Depending on the dentist and procedure, you could pay less than half what you normally would for a procedure.

Payment Plans

There are multiple kinds of payment plans you can look for. The first is any that your dentist may offer. If your dentist does offer a payment plan, you might even be able to get one without interest. If you have the money on hand, you can also ask about getting a discount for paying for the entire procedure up front.

The second is taking out a loan. Rather than taking out a personal loan through a bank, you can look specifically at payment plans for dental work. Many of these are zero-interest loans as long as you pay the full amount within a year. Some of these financing options are presented in the form of a card you can use for medical care, and work like a credit card; there is also no guarantee every dentist will accept this type of payment, but since this usually means that they get paid up front, many will.

You can also ask your dentist, like Centre Family Dentistry, for recommendations on payment and financing options, and they can help you find an option they can work with. Some financing options are referral only, so your dentist can help you here, too.