2 Tips To Protect Your Teen's Same Day Dental Implants From Getting An Infection

6 January 2017
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Same day dental implants are ideal if your teen wants to avoid a two-step implant process. Two step implants can take months to complete. While same day dental implants tend to save you a large amount of time, they still need to be maintained as well as traditional ones. The same dental implants can attract a bacteria infection and result in implant failure. If your teen is new to dental implants, then they may have difficulty keeping their teeth healthy. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to help your teen prevent their implants from developing an infection.

Instruct Them to Focus on the Base of the Implants

One of the biggest reasons why same day implants fail is because bacteria accumulates at the base of the implant. This most often happens when food debris is not removed quickly after each meal. In order to prevent this, your teen needs to focus a water irrigation tool at the base of their same day implants. This will help to loosen both small and large food particles. In addition, if they have mouthwash, then they should fill the tool with mouthwash in order to permanently kill off bacteria. It is important to remind them to do this after every meal. They should notice a huge difference in the health of the gums around their implants.

Advise them to Avoid Eating Foods that are Hard to Remove from teeth

Some food like popcorn kernels, nuts, and sticky candies are much more difficult to remove from teeth. They often result in dental pulp infections and damaged dental appliances. These foods will also damage your teen's same day dental implants. Since your teen is young, they are more likely to indulge in some of these foods that can be found at movie theaters, amusement parks, and other events. In order to preserve the health of their implants, they should avoid these foods as best as they can. These foods will embed themselves near the gum line where the dental implant and gum meet. If not removed, the food creates bacteria that seeps underneath the same day implant. Once this happens, then your teen will need to undergo extensive dental work in order to bring their teeth back to health.

Same day implants can work well for your teen's lifestyle if maintained. Therefore, it is important to use these tips to ensure that the implants last for many years. Click for more info on dental implants.