Finding An Invisalign Dentist: Tips That Help

27 July 2017
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Invisible braces for teens and adults are very popular because nobody knows or can see that you are wearing braces. The problem is that an Invisalign dentist is sometimes not so easy to find. There are some reasons why, as well as some helpful tips for finding one.

The Trademarked Invisible Braces Company Requires Certification

Currently, only one company has the rights to the brand name "Invisalign." They are also the only company legally able to produce the invisible braces under this brand name. As such, they often require that dentists and orthodontists get certified and sign certain documents before being allowed to sell and create these braces for patients.

Dentists Are NOT Orthodontists

Then there is the other little problem that people find confusing. Dentists are NOT orthodontists, but orthodontists ARE dentists. If dentists spend more time in dental college and acquire an orthodontist's licence, then dentists become orthodontists. Unless your dentist is also your orthodontist, you will have to see a separate professional to have the braces made and fitted. Your dentist can help you keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean while you wear these braces, but they typically cannot make the braces for you.

Finding a Dental Office That Has BOTH an Orthodontist and a Dentist on Staff

The first step toward getting invisible braces is to find an office that sells and promotes them. The next step is finding an office that has both a dentist and an orthodontist on staff, or an orthodontist that is also willing to act as your dentist. Once you find that, you can schedule a preliminary appointment for the orthodontist to discuss a prescribed treatment plan.

Deciding How Far You Want to Travel

Sometimes a dental office that offers invisible braces may be quite the trip for some people. If the nearest office to provide these braces requires a three-hour round trip, you may want to consider standard braces instead. Standard braces are often covered by insurance for anyone under 18.

Adults have to pay out of pocket for braces regardless, but the removable, invisible braces cost thousands more. Combined with the long distance to travel to get them, the travel expenses, and the lengthy appointments to get these braces fitted correctly, you may just decide to opt for standard braces. These are all weighty things to consider if you are living somewhere where the nearest dental office for invisible braces is that far away.

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