Dealing With Loose Teeth

18 September 2017
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Are you afraid that a few of your teeth will fall out because they are so loose? Do you know what caused your teeth to become loose? If not, make a prompt dental appointment in case there is something wrong with your jawbones that is contributing to the problem. A dentist might recommend that the teeth are removed so cosmetic dental work can be done to resolve the problem. This article explains what might be wrong with your teeth and how a cosmetic dentist can help.

Why Your Teeth Are Loose

One of the common causes of loose teeth other than injuries to the mouth is gum disease. It is usually the severe form of gum disease that is called periodontitis that weakens jawbones. When jawbones are not strong enough, it makes it easy for teeth to move around. Your fear of teeth can actually come true if you don't seek professional help in a timely manner. If a dentist examines your mouth and finds gum disease present, it must be promptly treated to prevent your jawbones from becoming weaker.

Taking Care of the Problem

Treating gum disease will be the most important step if it is necessary. The disease is usually treated with antibiotics because they can quickly get rid of the infection that caused the disease to develop. Depending on how loose your teeth are, the next step might be to get them extracted. If your jawbones are in need of being removed and replaced with grafts, extracting the loose teeth might be suggested no matter how loose they are. The grafts can be natural or artificial bones, and they will be necessary if you replace the extracted teeth with dental implants.

Replacing Extracted Teeth with Implants

If your jawbones are weak and you undergo bone grafting to replace them, a dentist can then proceed with installing dental implants to replace your extracted teeth. There are other ways to replace the teeth, but dental implants is the best way to achieve a natural look that is permanent. Basically, the dentist will install a metal post, abutment, and artificial tooth as a replace for each extracted tooth. The structure of artificial teeth via implants is a lot like natural teeth, which means that you can count of the implants to be secure and able to be used in the same way that you use teeth that grew directly from your gums.  

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