Emergency Dental Clinics: Are They Worth It?

15 January 2018
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Here is a new twist on the old dental practice; emergency dental clinics. These clinics are only open for business on demand. Dentists who are able to operate these clinics in this manner are often privately wealthy, or the fees they charge for emergency services help keep the lights on, so to speak. The big question here is, are these clinics really worth it? Read the following and then you decide.

You Have an Appointment on Monday, but the Pain Is Excruciating NOW

Despite the fact that you may have already scheduled an appointment with your regular dentist, your mouth and your body are not willing to wait. In fact, existing infections in your mouth may get worse, and will not get better without getting help sooner. Emergency dental clinics with their on-demand services can get you in to see a dentist over the weekend and at least help you with the pain. If you have a particularly nasty abscess that is swelling out of control, the emergency dentist can drain it and prescribe some antibiotics and pain relievers until you see your regular dentist on Monday.

Someone Tried to Knock You Out in a Bar, but Knocked Your Teeth Out Instead

Weekends are always big business for bars and taverns. Unfortunately, they are also big business for police officers who have to break up barroom brawls. If you got caught in the middle of a brawl on the weekend and lost a tooth, you will need an emergency dentist right away. You have a very limited amount of time to put your tooth (or gulp! teeth) back into your mouth. Dentists who run emergency clinics know that they can always count on at least one emergency case over the weekend because someone either started a bar fight or someone got caught in the crossfire.

Regular Dentists Cannot Always Drop Everything to Respond to Emergencies

If you call your regular dentist during business hours for an emergency, it is going to be a go-no go situation. He or she might be up to his/her lab coat sleeves trying to complete a cavity filling or installing a dental implant. There may not be enough time to fit you in, as much as your regular dentist may want to. As for emergency services on nights and weekends, not all regular dentists provide these extra services. What is a person to do? Well, there is always that emergency dental clinic in town.

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