Whitening And Straightening Teeth At The Same Time: How This Works

3 August 2018
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As you age, your teeth yellow more and become more uneven as the surfaces wear down. It is an uncomfortable thing for most people to look in the mirror and watch this happening. Thankfully, you live in an age that can make your teeth look youthful and perfect again. If you want to whiten and straighten simultaneously, there is a way you can do this, and it goes something like this.

First, Get Invisible, Removable Braces

Invisible braces look like clear pieces of glossy plastic that pop in over your teeth. You can remove them to eat, brush, and floss. Better still, you can remove them at night and sleep like a baby. These braces will be essential to the straightening and whitening processes you want done. 

Second, Get a Dentist-Approved Whitening Gel Designed for Whitening at Home

If you want to slowly whiten your teeth at home, which comes highly recommended by most dentists, ask your dentist about a whitening gel typically used in dental trays for this cosmetic enhancement.

If he/she uses a particular whitening gel, you can purchase that from him/her. You will not need the trays, as your invisible braces will double as the trays. 

Third, After Brushing Your Teeth Each Night, Put the Gel in the Braces and Wear for an Hour

Your removable and invisible braces are your trays for the whitening gel. After supper each night, brush and floss as you normally would.

Squeeze the whitening gel into your braces, making sure it is an even amount all the way around the interiors of the braces. Pop your braces back in, and wait the prescribed or recommended time for the whitening gel to work, usually between thirty minutes to an hour.

Before going to bed, rinse your braces and your mouth thoroughly. Do not eat or drink anything after this, or your whitening efforts will be undone.

The Benefits to Double-Duty Cosmetic Procedures

The best part to whitening your teeth at home and using your removable braces in this fashion is that all of your teeth, not just the top ones, will whiten evenly and together. Additionally, as your braces work to reposition your teeth, surfaces that would not ordinarily be exposed for the whitening procedure are exposed and whitened. You might want to repeat the teeth whitening process after you have finished your orthodontic treatment process, but your teeth will look great with or without this follow-up whitening.