The Five Benefits Of Getting A Dental Implant

7 August 2019
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Do you have a missing tooth that has been bothering you for quite some time? You're likely debating the method to fix the tooth. While a dental bridge or partial denture can get the job done, it won't be as good as getting a single dental implant. If you've been unsure about moving forward with the implant procedure, it will help to review the following five benefits that an implant can provide to you. 

An Implant Looks Real

You will definitely notice how natural a dental implant can look once placed in your mouth. It is what makes an implant an ideal choice if you have a visible front tooth that is missing and you want it to completely blend in with the surrounding teeth. 

An Implant Feels Real

A dental implant is installed by placing its titanium post into the gum and jawbone. The post extends to the jawbone just like a real tooth root. It will feel like a natural part of your mouth and even provides stimulation to your jawbone in a realistic way that helps keep the bone healthy. This cannot be simulated with a partial denture or a bridge. 

An Implant Doesn't Alter Surrounding Teeth

If the two teeth that surround the tape are perfectly healthy, know that a bridge is going to ruin those teeth. The healthy teeth must be shaved down in order to fit a dental crown on them. Those crowns act as anchoring posts for the tooth that fills the gap. You are essentially permanently damaging two perfectly good teeth to fix your missing tooth

An Implant Improves Speech

A common problem with partial dentures is that they can slip around due to them being removable. Depending on where the partial denture is being used, it can affect your speech due to the tooth not being stable. This is not the case with a dental implant since it stays in position when moving your mouth to speak. This gives you more confidence when talking with other people. 

An Implant Improves Eating

Having a dental implant will help you eat all of your favorite foods without worries. The implant won't move or easily become damaged, so you can even eat the toughest foods and to worry about the implant breaking. The opposite is true with a partial denture or dental bridge, which still require that you take care when eating certain foods. 

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