Why You Should Start Cleaning Your Tongue Every Day

2 December 2019
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When you brush your teeth each day, do you ever take the time to clean your tongue? While some people do, a lot of people never think to do this. The problem with not cleaning your tongue is that this part of your body contains a lot of bacteria, as it is porous, and it can be a breeding place for trouble. Here are several things you should understand about this subject:

Problems you could face if you do not clean your tongue

Cleaning your teeth is something people usually view as a no-brainer, as it is something most people are taught from the time they are young, but many people do not fully understand the concept of cleaning their tongues. If you do not ever clean your tongue, you face some risks with your oral health. The first risk is the potential to transfer plaque back to your teeth. You might think that plaque only forms on your teeth, but the truth is that plaque can also form on your tongue. If you do not clean your tongue but brush your teeth, you could end up transferring plaque from your tongue back on your teeth, and this would make brushing your teeth kind of pointless.

Secondly, you face the risk of developing halitosis if you fail to clean your tongue. Your tongue can harbor a lot of germs, bacteria, and food particles, and it can become a very smelly part of your body if you do not properly clean it.

Ways to clean your tongue

The best method for cleaning your tongue is by using a device known as a tongue scraper, and you can choose from a wide variety of types of tongue scrapers to use for this. To use a device like this, you must place the tongue scraper on the back of your tongue and pull it forward scraping your tongue. Next, you should rinse or wipe it off and then rub it across your tongue again in a different spot. You should repeat this until you clean your entire tongue. By taking the time to do this, you will remove all the extra debris from your tongue leaving it cleaner and fresher.

If you begin taking the time to clean your tongue each day, you may have healthier teeth, fresher breath, and other benefits. You can learn more about ways to do this by talking to a dentist in your area.

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