Do You Need A Root Canal?

20 October 2020
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Most of us expect our teeth to last for the long haul, but what happens when something else happens, leaving you in pain? Unfortunately, you may have to work with a dentist who can perform a root canal.

Do you have questions about root canals? You are not alone.

Why Do You Need a Root Canal?

When the pulp inside a tooth becomes inflamed or infected, you may need a root canal. The pulp consists of the soft tissue inside a tooth. Problems tend to arise when a tooth becomes cracked, a deep cavity forms, or you suffer from serious injury to your tooth. Infections spread quickly and can cause a lot of pain.

In order to prevent bacteria from spreading, you may need a root canal. Otherwise, you may continue to have dental trauma and pain.

So, Why Not Just Remove the Tooth?

Some people are afraid of root canals and wonder if it's possible to have a tooth removed rather than to undergo this procedure. While it is possible to remove a tooth, it would still need to be replaced. If it is not replaced, all of your teeth may begin to shift, which can lead to further decay and infection. With a root canal, you can keep your natural tooth.

What Steps Are Involved in a Root Canal?

Some root canals take several visits to the dentist, but your dentist will try to make your visit as pain-free as possible.

Generally, the appointment starts with numbing your teeth, which involves an injection and numbing gel. The dentist will ensure you cannot feel anything before they make an opening in the infected tooth.

The dentist will then remove the nerve or pulp from the tooth and then clean the area inside the tooth in preparation for a filling. This might also involve some medication if your infection is serious. The canal is then sealed.

Are Root Canals Permanent?

Generally, root canals are long-lasting. Keep in mind that root canals can become damaged or decayed in the future, leading to additional dental work. You can prevent the need for additional work by making regular appointments with your dentist.

If you're ready to make an appointment with a dentist to discuss dental pain or a potential root canal, now is a great time to make an appointment. Call your dentist today to make an appointment for a root canal or cleaning.