How Dental Implants Can Positively Affect Your Mental Health

3 November 2021
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Dental implants are regularly used in dentistry as foundational devices for prosthetic teeth. Rather than replacing the crowns of the lost teeth, implants replace the dental roots.

Dental implant-based restorations are often preferred over other tooth replacement options because of their natural look and functionality. Their use during a tooth replacement may even positively affect your mental health.

Here are a few ways that implants may help keep your mind healthy.

You Can Smile and Laugh Freely

It can be difficult to laugh or smile freely when there is a gap in your mouth from missing teeth. The lack of laughter not only affects your appearance but also affects your mental health.

Laughing is a natural stress reducer. Thus, as you laugh, the number of stress-related chemicals within the brain dissipates. Additionally, laughter increases the oxygen flow throughout your brain and the rest of your body. As a result, laughter can help you remain in a positive state of mind.

A dental implant can relieve the self-consciousness associated with displaying a large gap in your mouth each time you smile. The implant-based restoration fills the gap without causing damage to the bordering teeth.

If a single-tooth restoration is performed, after the implant has integrated with the tissue of the jawbone, it is covered by an abutment. A dental crown is then added to the abutment. Tooth-colored crowns are difficult to discern from natural teeth.

You Can Eat a Wide Variety of Nutritious Foods

The foods that you eat can also strongly impact your mental health. The brain requires many different nutrients to remain healthy. Nevertheless, once one or more teeth are lost, you may find it more difficult to chew crunchy or fibrous foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dental implants are stabilized by their connections to the jawbone tissue. Their integration with the bone material ensures that the implants can withstand the bite pressure needed to effectively chew foods of many different textures. In fact, implants provide the same chewing pressure as natural teeth.

You Can Speak Clearly

The loss of one or more teeth can also affect your speech. The teeth form a border that the tongue presses against to form sounds. With missing teeth, you may be frustrated with your reduced ability to speak clearly. The constant frustration can negatively affect your mental health. Implant-based restorations can help you speak clearly and confidently again.

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